The photographic style of this artist is a subtle blend of light, composition and emotion. He is the photographer writer, the photographer poet, the photographer playwright or the photographer painter, such as Man Ray, major figure of surrealism. Most often, it is also the erased, the receler of images, the chameleon that we do not see but who gobbles the fly. He steals light, fleeting, intimate moments, a smile, often neglected details that reveal the hidden beauty of everyday life, to restore them.Erick Soyer has a relevant look, he knows how to frame. He tells us stories that go beyond the frame of the photo, extends it. The static image is made alive by the movement it infuses. This artist favors simplicity and purity, he goes to the essential.His shots are imbued with nostalgia, a certain melancholy, traces of time that passes and that we tend to find always much more pleasant than the one in which we live.
Erick Soyer plays with shadows, reflections and contrasts. By observing some of his photos, we are magnetized by a detail, a silhouette. We look twice believing to dream; but no, it transports us into a universe of mysteries, apparitions, through plays of shadows and lights, through an optical illusion, a call to the imagination or the unconscious of each of us. The bear tells us about his suffering behind bars, other creatures are strange and send us back into the unreal.